Useful callbacks are included in:

  1. solvcon.parcel.gas.probe
  2. solvcon.parcel.gas.physics
  3. solvcon.parcel.gas.inout


class solvcon.parcel.gas.probe.ProbeHook(cse, **kw)

Point probe.

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class solvcon.parcel.gas.physics.DensityInitAnchor(svr, **kw)

Initialize only density.

FIXME: Give me doctests.

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class solvcon.parcel.gas.physics.PhysicsAnchor(svr, **kw)

Calculates physical quantities for output. Implements (i) provide() and (ii) postfull() methods.

FIXME: I should be more integrated with GasSolver.

Variables:gasconst – gas constant.

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class solvcon.parcel.gas.inout.MeshInfoHook(cse, show_bclist=False, perffn=None, **kw)

Print mesh information.

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class solvcon.parcel.gas.inout.ProgressHook(cse, linewidth=50, **kw)

Print simulation progess.

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class solvcon.parcel.gas.inout.FillAnchor(svr, mappers=None, **kw)

Fill the specified arrays of a GasSolver with corresponding value.

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class solvcon.parcel.gas.inout.CflAnchor(svr, rsteps=None, **kw)

Counting CFL numbers. Use MeshSolver.marchret to return results. Overrides postmarch() method.

Pair with CflHook.

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__init__(svr, rsteps=None, **kw)
>>> from solvcon.testing import create_trivial_2d_blk
>>> from solvcon.solver import MeshSolver
>>> svr = MeshSolver(create_trivial_2d_blk())
>>> ank = CflAnchor(svr)
Traceback (most recent call last):
TypeError: int() argument must be a string or a number, not 'NoneType'
>>> ank = CflAnchor(svr, 1)
>>> ank.rsteps
class solvcon.parcel.gas.inout.CflHook(cse, name='cfl', cflmin=0.0, cflmax=1.0, fullstop=True, rsteps=None, **kw)

Makes sure CFL number is bounded and print averaged CFL number over time. Reports CFL information per time step and on finishing. Overrides (i) postmarch() and (ii) postloop() methods.

Pair with CflAnchor.

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class solvcon.parcel.gas.inout.MarchSaveAnchor(svr, anames=None, compressor=None, fpdtype=None, psteps=None, vtkfn_tmpl=None, **kw)

Save solution data into VTK XML format for a solver.

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class solvcon.parcel.gas.inout.PMarchSave(cse, anames=None, compressor='gz', fpdtype=None, altdir='', altsym='', vtkfn_tmpl=None, **kw)

Save the geometry and variables in a case when time marching in parallel VTK XML format.

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